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February 18th, 19th, and 26th: "Under Pressure" at Bayside Community Church, Bradenton, FL. Call 941-755-8600 for more information.

Presentation Titles

Under Pressure!

Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it's not there! This presentation is filled with funny and interactive experiments and demonstrations, all of which have to do with air pressure, fire, and the science of gases. The Bible uses air to help us understand what God is like. Mr. Hardin applies the science to the God of the Bible and ends with a presentation of the Gospel of Christ. Appropriate for elementary through junior high. Great for outreach events!

Science Is Not Atheism

In this presentation Mr. Hardin explains why science is not Atheism. He also shows how Christianity is the best foundation for science by providing the motivations, the philosophical assumptions, and the moral applications needed for doing meaningful science. The information in this presentation is essential for any high school or college student of science!

Real Science. Real Faith.

In this presentation Mr. Hardin demonstrates how many of the greatest minds in science have been Christian believers who were motivated by the benefit of mankind and the glory of God. You will see that it was no accident modern science was born out of a culture saturated with the Christian worldview! Appropriate for advanced junior high through adult.

Signs of Design

In this presentation Mr. Hardin makes a scientific case for the Creator with fascinating evidences from cosmology, astronomy, biology, biochemistry, and information science. Appropriate for advanced junior high through adult. Great for outreach events!

What Is Intelligent Design?

In this presentation Mr. Hardin explains the history of the Intelligent Design movement. He addresses some of the more common misconceptions and presents scientific arguments for Intelligent Design.

Meaningful Medicine

In this presentation Mr. Hardin explains how following the Great Physician is the best foundation for doing medical research and treating patients. This presentation is great for medical and nursing student groups.

Cloning and Stem Cell Research

In this presentation Mr. Hardin explains exactly what the different types of cloning and stem cell research involve. He then addresses some of the moral dilemmas that arise from using these new technologies.

What's Included?

  • Dynamic and relevant teaching about science and the Christian faith from someone with professional training in both fields.
  • Fun and exciting experiments and demonstrations.
  • Prizes for brave volunteers from the audience.
  • Students, faculty, and parents that are genuinely excited about science and serious about Christ.

To schedule a presentation at your church, school, conference, or camp call at 941-914-0566, or click here.

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