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Wesley Hardin

Wesley Hardin, M.A., B.S.
Founder and Speaker

"As a science teacher in Chicago and Detroit, I noticed that there is a wealth of information on the scientific evidence for the Creator, but that it is being largely ignored and ridiculed in the public sector because it is viewed through an Atheistic lens. Most people don't know how modern science has a Christian foundation, how most of the greatest scientists in history have been motivated by the desire to bring glory to the Creator through science. Many students are losing their faith in Christ, or will never come to know Him because of this mental road block. There is a desperate need for resources that teach young people about the huge role Christianity plays in the history and philosophy of science. We need resources that establish the Christian foundation to build science upon, for doing Meaningful Science. We need resources that are rich in content, yet understandable and fun for a teenager to study. The presentations, website, slide shows, handouts, essays, videos, and other materials are all based on the lessons I have developed and used in my own classroom. They have been tested with hundreds of students over the years, and they work. It is my prayer that God would use these materials in such a way that the next generation of doctors, researchers, engineers, and science-lovers be men and women doing science built upon the only sure foundation, Jesus Christ. May they do science that means something for time and eternity. May they do Meaningful Science!"

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
Webmaster, Graphics Designer, and Lead Support Team Member
"I designed the logo and the website. I also attend most of the larger events to help out with the audio/video system, resource table, and crowd control. =) I have a variety of interests, including photography, making music, building things, juggling, and most importantly, being a servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ!"
Aaron Kittredge
Aaron Kittredge, M.A., B.S.
Web & Graphics Designer and Support Team Member
"I created the Resources page and designed all of our posters, bookmarks, postcards, DVD cover art, and several other resources. Check out some of my other professional work at ragingkitty.com."